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A subscription is required to use the iFly EFB app on this tablet. Please see the Subscription tab for more details.

Introducing the iFly EFB Aviation Tablet: Your Ultimate Navigation Companion

The iFly EFB Aviation Tablet is a cutting-edge Android Tablet engineered to elevate your flying experience. Designed specifically for aviators, this exceptional device seamlessly integrates rugged durability, exceptional visibility, and powerful specifications to ensure optimal performance in every flight.

Great Information!  An Independent Review of the iFly EFB Aviation Tablet on YouTube

Sunlight Readable and Rugged Design

iFly EFB Aviation Tablet features a sunlight-readable 7" screen that remains crystal clear even in the brightest skies. Its rugged construction is built to withstand the challenges of the cockpit, providing durability you can rely on.

Pre-loaded iFly EFB Software

The iFly EFB Aviation Tablet arrives pre-loaded with the renowned iFly EFB software. With a rich array of features including detailed charts, airport information, airspace details, and more. You'll have all the information you need at your fingertips.  (Note, a 30 day trial subscription is included with your purchase - an annual subscription is required to continue use of the iFly EFB application)

Primary or Backup Navigation System

Whether you're seeking a primary navigation solution or a reliable backup, the iFly EFB Aviation Tablet rises to the occasion. Its accuracy and intuitive interface make it an invaluable tool for aviators of all levels, enhancing your situational awareness and peace of mind.

Powerful Performance

Equipped with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of Flash storage, the iFly EFB Aviation Tablet delivers seamless performance and ample space for your aviation data and apps. The built-in GPS ensures accurate positioning, while Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity keep you connected both on the ground and in the air.

Extended Battery Life

With the iFly EFB Aviation Tablet's robust 5000mAh battery, experience up to 5 hours of uninterrupted use even at full screen brightness, ensuring your tablet keeps up with your longest journeys.

Capture the Skies in Detail

The 5MP front camera and 16MP rear camera enable you to capture stunning aerial vistas and document your flights like never before. Share your aviation adventures effortlessly with friends, family, and fellow aviators.

Embrace the future of aviation navigation with the iFly EFB Aviation Tablet. This tablet is your key to unlocking safer, smarter, and more efficient flights. Elevate your cockpit experience today.

Purchase Options

SYSTEM CPU Qualcomm Cortex-A53 64-bit Quad-Core Process 2.0 GHz
OS Android 12
GPU Adreno TM 702
DISPLAY LCD 7 inch IPS Panel, 1280 x 800, 800 nits Sunlight Readable
SCREEN Multi-point Capacitive Touch Screen
AUDIO Microphone Integrated
Speaker 2W
COMMUNICATION WIFI 802.11a/b/g/n/ac; 2.4GHz & 5GHz
Bluetooth 2.1 EDR/3.0   HS/4.2   LE/5.0   LE
SENSOR Integrated Acceleration, Gyro sensor, Compass,  Ambient Light Sensor
INTERFACE Type-C (can not be used simultaneously with   USB Type-A on the device)
Micro SD Slot 1 x Micro SD card, Support up to 512G
Ear Jack Standard 3.5mm earphone connector
Docking Connector POGO PIN x24
CAMERA Front 5.0 megapixel camera
Rear Rear: 16.0 megapixel camera
Battery 3.7V, 5000mAh battery (5 Hours)
IP Rating IP67
Vibration Test MIL-STD-810G
Operating Temperature 14° F - 149° F
Storage Temperature -4° F - 158° F
FORM Size 8.125" x 5.375" x 1"
Weight 1 lb 12 oz

The Aviation tablet has two different mounting options for purchase. These are the:

RAM Ball Adapter

The RAM Ball Adapter is a mounting device that attaches to the back of the Aviation Tablet and allows it to be fastened onto any compatible RAM mount.

Docking Station 

The Docking Station is a purpose-built accessory designed to securely hold and enhance your Aviation Tablet's functionality within your aircraft's cockpit. Some key features of the Docking Station:

  • Includes 3” Mounting Arm and RAM Ball Adapter
  • Tablet Compatibility: Precision-engineered for the Aviation Tablet, ensuring a secure fit.
  • Cable Integration: Ports for power and serial data output, allowing power supply from the aircraft and connectivity to autopilots and NMEA-based devices.  
  • Pogo pins automatically connect the tablet, eliminating the need for manual plugging.

*Note NMEA functionality coming soon as a software upgrade to the iFly EFB app.

Click here to see pictures of different cockpit mounts from iFlyEFB Aviation Tablet customers!

Q: What is included in this purchase?
A: The Aviation Tablet + a type C USB Charging Cable, and an AC adapter. Optional accessories are the Docking Station or the RAM Adapter.  

Q: What is the RAM Adapter?
A: The RAM Adapter is a plate with a 1" Ball attached that allows the tablet to work with other RAM mounts.  It includes mounting screws for attaching to the back of the Aviation Tablet.

Q: Is a Subscription required?  What if I already have a subscription?
A: Yes: Please see the Subscription tab for more information

Q: Will the tablet simply stop working if my subscription expires?
A: The iFly EFB app will not function without a subscription, but the Aviation Tablet will continue to function as an Android tablet.

Q: Can I run other apps on this tablet?
A: Yes, this tablet includes the Google Play store.  You can install many other apps from Google Play

Q: Is this tablet an upgrade for my iFly 740b?
A: The unit is larger than the 740b, and has a different type of power source.  If your 740b is panel mounted you may need to make modifications to your mounting solution.  For size & weight details see the Specifications Tab.

Q: Can I trade in my 740b?
A: Please contact us support@iflyefb.com or 214-585-0444 to check for trade-in options.

Q: How do I update this unit?
A: To update databases and charts, connect to any WiFi network, then run the iFly app and touch Menu > Check For Updates.  To update the iFly EFB app, run the Play Store app and search for "iFly EFB"

Q: What are my mounting options?
A: The unit comes with a hand-strap installed to make holding it in the cockpit easier. It also has a RAM Mounting option which would allow any RAM mount solution to work.  And there is an optional Docking Station that can be mounted to the panel.  There are also several screw holes on the back of the unit that would allow you to develop your own mounting solution.  Suction Cup mounting is not recommended due to the weight of the unit.
Please click here for images of different customer mountings

Q: Is there a warranty?
A: The unit comes with a 1 year warranty for manufacture defects.

Q: What if I get the unit and don't like it?
A: Adventure Pilot has a Satisfaction Guaranteed policy.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase you have 30 days to return it for a full refund. Restrictions apply, see Return Policy for details.

Q: What if I need help or have more questions?
A: Contact Adventure Pilot at 214-585-0444, or support@iFlyEFB.com with any questions, we are here to help!

Like any Android tablet, a subscription is required to run the iFly EFB application on this tablet.  If you already have a subscription you will need available space for a new device. 

A basic subscription may be used on 2 devices of the same platform; if you have the Mutli-Platform option on your subscription, you can have 4 devices with a variety of platforms.  So please ensure you have appropriate room on your subscription to add another Android device. 

Here are some example scenarios:

  • Scenario: You have a basic subscription with one Android device.
    The Aviation Tablet can be added to your current subscription, no additional purchase needed.
  • Scenario: You have a basic subscription with one iPad.
    To add the Aviation Tablet to your account, the Multi-Platform option is required.  Click Here to add this to your cart.
  • Scenario:  You have a subscription with the multi-platform option with 3 devices.
    The Aviation Tablet can be added to your current subscription, no additional purchase needed.
  • Scenario:  You have a subscritpion with the multi-platform option with 4 devices.
    To add the Aviation Tablet, you will need to either deregister one of the existing devices from your account, or purchase a new subscription on a 2nd account.