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Frequently Asked Questions

iFly EFB General Questions

Questions about the functionality of the iFly EFB App

iFly EFB runs on any device? Really?

iFly EFB is the only EFB with a complete, uniform feature set that runs on iOS (Apple), Android and Windows.  We designed our App from the ground-up to work on the devices you already own!

Why does my altimeter altitude differ from iFly EFB?

Your aircraft's altimeter measures a pressure level which is converted to an altitude.  This is not necessarily your altitude above MSL but is used for a common reference by ATC for traffic separation.

GPS altitude is the geometric altitude, which is a measurement of your actual altitude above the earth based on multiple satellites.

The higher you climb, the more Pressure altitude and GPS altitude will differ since they they are measuring different things.

A great article on the subject may be found at: www.borgeltinstruments.com/GPSvsPressurealtitude.pdf

How do you compare to other EFBs?

Well, we like to think there is no comparison to iFly EFB!  But we annually do a survey of leading products in the market across key features and publish the unbiased results.  This year's results are here.

What ADS-B Devices are supported by iFly EFB?

iFly EFB supports the latest ADS-B In (FIS-B and TIS-B) data from the following manufacturers:

  • L3 Lynx NGT-9000
  • uAvionics Echo
  • Dynon
  • Appareo (Stratus III)
  • Stratux
  • All Levil products (iLevil, Astro Link, Bom) 
  • Dual
  • Clarity
  • SkyRadar
  • SkyGuard
  • And More

If your ADS-B In unit is not listed, please contact iFly EFB support since we are continually updating iFly EFB.

Does the FAA require paper charts in addition to iFly EFB?

No.  Technically, the FAA has never 'required' pilots to carry current charts.  FAR 91.103 states "Each PIC shall, before beginning a flight, become familiar with all available information concerning that flight."

Here is what the FAA has to say on Paperless Flying

Are the maps North Up or Track Up?

Both!  All maps and charts may be oriented North Up or Track Up.

Can you scroll ahead of the current position to view upcoming airports, airspace, etc.?

Yes, you can certainly pan ahead.  You can also zoom in or out and pan through your entire plan just by sweeping your finger to drag the map.

What charts do you have and are they geo-referenced?

We include Sectionals, WACs, TACs, Airport Diagrams and RealView Airport satellite images with our VFR subscriptions.  An IFR subscription adds Approach plates and High/Low enroute charts.

All of our maps and charts are geo-referenced.

Are maps outside of the US available?

Currently, iFly EFB only includes US charts and data.  Additional countries are on our roadmap so please check back frequently to see if your country has been added.

Our airport database includes most public Canadian airports.  Additionally, WAC charts cover the western coast of Canada to Alaska.

WAC charts also provide additional coverage into Mexico and Caribbean.

In addition, all of North America is covered by our Vector Mode which includes Airports, Terrain, Obstructions, Water features, and more.

Can I import a KML or GPX flight plan?

Yes but only on our Android or Windows app. Simply copy the KML or GPX file to either:

  • {SdCard}/Android/data/iFly.GPS/files/iFly/#FlightPlans (for Android)
  • C:/_iFlyGPS_Data/User/#FlightPlans (for Windows)

The flight plan will now be available in iFly EFB from the Save/Load button on the Flight Plan page.  You must restart the app to see the new plan.

Aviation Portable (iFly AP)

Questions concerning the 740b and previous generations of iFly GPS hardware devices.  iFly AP refers to the entire family of hardware devices.

Does the iFly AP have a battery?

Yes, both the 740 and 740b have an internal battery for emergency purposes which is designed to last 20-30 minutes.  The iFly 520’s internal battery will last approximately 2 hours.  The battery will charge off a 12/24v systems and then transition to the back-up battery if external power is lost.  

The iFly 700/720 do not have batteries.

Do the iFly AP devices support WAAS?

Yes -- WAAS functionality is enabled in all iFly AP devices.  The WAAS GPS is NOT certified by the FAA to act as a position source for ADS-B IN or IFR operations.

Can you use an external antenna with the iFly AP?

Yes, the iFly 7x0 series include an MCX connector for an external antenna.  The 520 has a non-MCX connector so please contact Support before purchasing an antenna.  In all cases, we've found that the built-in GPS has a strong signal and we rarely have found a need for an external antenna -- unless the unit is panel mounted.

Is a subscription required for the iFly AP?

No.  The iFly AP will continue to function and the expired data will still display on the unit.  We do not recommend flying without current data, though.   Our subscriptions offer the best value in aviation.  For less than the cost of keeping ONE SECTIONAL current, iFly EFB offers an entire year of US-wide VFR data, obstructions, fuel prices, FBO information and satellite airport images.  Not to mention application updates and new features.  Our IFR add-on provides similar value.

Is there a yoke mount option?

Yes.  We currently offer a yoke mount kit.  This optional kit is comprised of high-quality RAM components.  Check out our online Store for more details.

Can you drive an Autopilot, EFIS or other devices?

Yes, provided your autopilot or EFIS supports the digital NMEA standard.  You will need a USB to Serial cable (available in our online Store) then will need to connect pin #3 (transmit) to the other devices 'receive'.  Pin #5 is ground.

What NMEA Sentences are supported?

Below are the standard NMEA Sentences the iFly GPS (hardware devices) and iFly EFB (application) Supports along with a brief description of what that data sentence includes.  NMEA supports this data but is not limited to this list.

Standard NMEA:

$GPBOD - Bearing, origin to destination
$GPGGA - Global Positioning System Fix Data
$GPGSA - GPS DOP and active satellites
$GPGSV - GPS Satellites in view
$GPRMB - Recommended minimum navigation info
$GPRMC - Recommended minimum specific GPS/Transit data
$GPRTE - Routes
$GPWPL - Waypoint location
$GPXTE - Cross-track error, Measured

Garmin Specific:

PGRMZ - Altitude Information

My iFly AP won't power up after not using for awhile?

Sorry you are having this problem but all is not lost.  Your battery is probably just super dead.  Flip the battery switch "off" and plug in the unit, wait a couple minutes, then flip the battery switch back to "on".  It should now start charging.  Let it sit for several hours, or even overnight.   You should be flying now!

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  If you decide you don't want the unit, your purchase price and shipping costs will be refunded.  Details may be found on our Support page.

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