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Student Subscription

One year plus 3 free months of unlimited updates and upgrades, for iFly devices, Android, Apple, or Windows Apps


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The Student Subscription is identical to a normal subscription, except you will automatically be credited an additional 3 free months with your purchase.
This subscription is applicable only for new customers.  If you need to renew your subscription, plesae CLICK HERE 

Do you have more than 2 devices or need to run across different platforms?  Select the "Multi-Platform Upgrade" option!  Then you can share this subscription across 4 iPads/iPhones, Android phones and tablets, Windows devices and iFly Aviation Portables The base subscription supports up to two devices on one platform. 

The base VFR subscription includes:

  • Synthetic Vision
  • Flight Planning and Filing
  • TFR Data
  • Aviation Weather (METAR, TAF, NEXRAD, Winds Aloft)
  • Fuel Prices
  • VFR Charts (Sectionals, TAC)
  • Airport and FBO Database
  • Terrain and Obstructions updates
  • Airport Diagrams
  • Realview Airport Images

Select the "Include IFR Data" to add:

  • Approach Procedures
  • Departure Procedures
  • Standard Arrival Procedures
  • IFR Low Charts
  • IFR High Charts
  • IFR Insets
  • Access to many IFR Features: Loading approaches, filing IFR Plans, etc

Please Note: This purchase allows you to download updates to your devices and does not include a new SD Card for use with an iFly Aviation Portable device.



Following are the capabilities and terms for the subscription options

Base VFR Subscription will provide all content and features needed for VFR Flight, this includes many advanced features such as Real Plan, Real View, Synthetic Vision, and more.  All features are included with the base subscription excecpt for the items outlined below:

The IFR Option adds the following additional capabilities

  • View Low Enroute Charts
  • View High Enroute Charts 
  • View Approach Plates, STARs, Departures, Etc  (Airport Diagrams are included with the base VFR)
  • Load Approaches into a flight plan
  • File IFR Flight plans

The base subscription may be installed on up to 2 devices of the same platform - either 2 Android or 2 iOS devices.  In addition 1 iFly Portable device may be included in the base subscription.

The Multi-Platform option, if selected, will allow the subscription to be used on up to 4 Android or iOS devices, and will support mixing of platforms.  In addition, 1 iFly Portable device may also be included in this subscription, for a maximum of 5 devices. 

A subscription should only be used by one pilot.  Sharing of subscriptions is not allowed.