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One-Time Update (iFly devices only)

Don't need to update all the time?  This one-time update allows you to get your iFly 520, 700, 720, or 740 totally current with the latest data and software


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One-time update of data and software on iFly dedicated devices.  

*** Not Available for iFly EFB App***

Please Note: This purchase allows you to download updates to your device, an SD card will not be shipped with this order.  For immediate access please login before making this purchase.  

Purchase a single update for your iFly GPS.  This update allows you to update all elements of your iFly data to the current charts, database, software and features.  Don't want to update often, use this update to get new data and the latest features.  It includes the following data types:

 - TFRs and Metar Downloads
 - Airport / Navaid Databases
 - Sectionals (Includes mainland US, Alaska, and Hawaii)
 - TAC Charts
 - STAR Diagrams
 - Airport Diagrams
 - iFly Software Updates (Latest Features)

This is only a one-time VFR update, you will have 2 weeks to download the update.  There will be a temporary data subscription enabled on your user account. 

Note: Your account will be able to download the current TFRs and METARs for the 3 week period.  Also, you will have full subscription rights on the forums and other areas of the iFly GPS website during that time as well.