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iFly EFB Aviation Tablet Docking Station
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The Aviation Tablet Docking Mount is a purpose-built accessory designed to securely hold and enhance your Aviation Tablet's functionality within your aircraft's cockpit. It offers:

  • Tablet Compatibility: Precision-engineered for the Aviation Tablet, ensuring a secure fit.
  • Cable Integration: Ports for power and serial data output, allowing power supply from the aircraft and connectivity to autopilots and NMEA-based devices.  Pogo pins automatically connect the tablet, eliminating the need for manual plugging. 
    *Note NMEA functionality coming soon as a software upgrade to the iFly EFB app.
  • Automatic Connection: Key Lock Mechanism: A built-in key lock for tablet security.
  • Aircraft Panel Mounting: Convenient mounting holes for easy installation on your aircraft's instrument panel.
  • Future-Ready Serial Output: Enhance your aviation experience with advanced autopilot integration and data communication, slated for release in the 1st quarter of 2024.